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What is Uncle Bens Tek?

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Uncle Ben’s Tek Explained

Cultivating gourmet mushrooms used to be a complex process, requiring laboratory equipment like Laminar Flow hoods and HEPA-filtered grow rooms. Then one day, somewhere deep in the web of dense cultural exchanges happening through various forums, emerged a new technique that rose to the height of mainstream…

This new technique (often referred to as a ‘Tek’) is known as Uncle Bens Tek. This tek eliminates the need for expensive equipment by utilizing the latest play on human laziness: ready-to-eat rice that is sterilized and hydrated. These bags can be purchased at any local grocery store and contain the perfect medium for colonizing gourmet mushroom mycelium. By simply injecting these bags with a syringe containing your favorite gourmet spores, and adding a gas-exchange hole, you can have mycelium producing in a few days. Before uncle ben’s tek, achieving this step was the hardest part as the mycelium is weaker than most bacteria and molds during the growth period. This also allows for a very mobile setup that is discrete and low-maintenance, allowing anyone anywhere to give growing their own gourmet mushrooms a shot without much upstart cost.

Need more information?

Here is a good reddit guide on the official r/UncleBens subreddit

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3 thoughts on “What is Uncle Bens Tek?

  1. Thank you for reading my first blog post! Many more are on the way, including posts about my adventures living out of an SUV with my partner and the vast benefits of mushrooms on health for the people and the planet. Have a great day and may the mycelium be with you.

  2. Hello I attended Mesquite Weekend and started my mushrooms.
    Can you please shove more instructions?

    1. I just posted a new blog about it! Heres the link:
      Hope it helps!

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