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This website was started by me, Phillip, in April 2022. Since then, a lot has changed. I’ve added more features, made pages load faster, and helped quite a few customers with various difficulties. This is just the beginning, though. I want more blogs, more variations of spores, faster loading times, and advanced security measures. Your donation helps just that. I can hire professionals to look over my server and databases, help streamline my coding, and make sure we keep customer data safe and protected. Please consider donating today!

You can donate to be a part of Bufo Mushrooms and make your dollar count! I currently pay $179.88/year for my SiteGround Web Hosting fees. I also pay $35.50/year for my domain registration through Gandi. Various transaction fees are taken out of the total a customer pays. All this means my website doesn’t currently make profit. Its getting there though, and you can help! Do you want to see this business grow and expand, maybe even potentially become a physical space at some point, with a laboratory to produce even higher quality spores? Then make your donation today!